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Patternless Edger LE-9000SX/LX

-Automatic Chamfering & Grooving:
Nidek's newest SX series of patternless edgers provide automatic chamfering and grooving, with a new multi-disk arm that grooves and chamfers in one operation. The optimal chamfering amount can be set by selection of chamfering parameters.

Grooving is automatically accomplished in the proper position. Position, depth, and width of the groove can be manually selected on the simulation display.

-Wider Grinding Wheel:
The 20% wider, more durable grinding wheel has an improved carriage of even thicker lenses at greater speed.

-Frame Replacement Function:
Tracing of the new frame outline is displayed on top of the traced old lens. When PD and layout values are entered, displayed data (form) changed, and the optimal PD and layout value for edging can be automatically determined.

-Flexible and Versatile:
The Nidek LE-9000SX/LX series edgers can process any type of lens materials, including glass*, plastic, polycarbonate, and acrylic lenses. Newly designed "High Index Plastic Mode" and be applied to high index plastic lenses for smoother processing, in accordance with lens hardness and viscosity.

* Except model PLB, which is recommended only for use on plastic.

-Built-In Tracer
The Nidek LE-9000SX/LX series edgers incorporate a tracer into the main console and achieve the smallest foot-print in the world. A shielded connection cable ensures safe and reliable data communication. With it's operator-friendly design, frame setting position can be easily observed.

-High Speed, High Precision 3D Tracing
The LE-9000SX/LX series edgers provide precise tracing in all three dimensions. Unlike die plates, the edger finishes even highly curved frames with greater accuracy. Also, the new design features high speed tracing, approximately 30% faster than our conventional edger.

-Fully Automatic Measurement of Patterns and Dummy Lenses
The edger automatically measures frame, patter, and dummy lenses, and at completion of the operation the measuring pin returns to its housing.

-Dual Tracing System
As both sides of lenses are traced with high accurace, a perfect fit is possible even when there are subtle differences between right and left lenses. The frame PD is automatically measured, eliminating the need for manual measurement and input.

-New Low-Pressure, Active Control Stylus
Accurate tracing is accomplished at low pressure, eliminating frame distortion and disengagement.


Lab Equipment

-Special grit rougher and special grit fine HAB
-Reversible wheel rotation, special dual grit
for polytrivex.


Patternless Edger Hybrid LE7070

- New hitech hybrid tracer put into the refurbishing process makes the machine like new (Example: better shapes, faster-same tracer as the more expensive new edgers).

-Exclusive 3D tracing feature delivers a new dimension of quality and accuracy never before imagined in an automatic edger. A dimension of technology that calculates the frame curve and employs the LE-7070 edger to provide a perfect left/right eye matched lens fit into the most difficult frames.

-3D tracer traces a pattern or a dummy lens as well.

-Automatic mode- The LE-7070's microprocessor in auto mode automatically controls and calculates the ideal bevel curve for the pre-traced frame and results in a perfect fit on any and all type lenses such as progressive, flat top, cataract and prism.

-Combined with the exclusive frame tracing data, the lens curve sensor measures the pre-edged lens curve assuring the operator of a perfect frame curve bevel fit. In addition, the lens sensor determines the minumum blank size. The operator has the option to re-adjust the decentration to accomodate an undersized lens blank.

-"Super Fit"software utilizes 486 microprocessor technology allowing for auto beveling which maps the front and
rear lens curvature and custom designs the optimum bevel placement for an optically and logistically perfect fit
- every time!

-Prior to edging, the operator can confirm pre-set vertical or lateral decentration relative to the optical center, resulting in perfect decentered lens quality on the screen.

-Observing bevel position during the rough cycle, the bevel profile simulation is viewed on the screen. A novice can produce a custom bevel as desired.

-The LE-7070's clear, compact control panel allows the operator to enter data easily with a touch to keypad.

-Allows operator to re-edge a lens from an existing pre-edged lens. The new shape lens can be super-imposed over the pre-edged existing lens.

-Besides Auto grinding mode, this instrument provides three grinding modes; Guides grinding mode, EX lens grinding mode, and Flat (Rimless) Grinding Mode. In Guided grinding mode, arbitrary bevel curve is slectable among curve designation, front base curve, and rear base curve.




Lab Equipment

-Water Valve, water tank, diamond wheel, sponge holder, water drain system, and dual switch.


Edgemaster II
Automatic Bevel Edger

-Wireless remote control

-Chain driven. -Direct drive motor.

-Manual/electric chucking system.

-Fully automatic operation.

-Simple and accurate.

-Lens compartment rinsing cycle.

-Heavy duty construction.

-Hidden Bevel or rimless.

-Bevel cycle only.

-Extra wide 6 inch diamond wheels will accommodate all lenses.

-Size: 13" x 13" x 22"

-Weight: 70 lbs.