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Gradient Machine

This instrument incorporates the proven 4-stroke gradient process. The built in timer automatically turns it off and removes the lenes from the dye when the cycle is complete, giving the technician time for other tasts. Produces gradient lenses only. BPI 4-Stroke Gradient II is made of 100% low maintenance stainless steel.

The BPI 4-Stroke Gradient II is UL listed (USA Underwriter's Laboratory) and meets or exceeds the European CE and Canadian CUL standards.

The 4-Stroke Gradient II has a one year warranty.

Height: 7 in. (18 in. on pole)
Width: 6 in.
Length: 6 in.
-Voltage: 115 or 220V
-Weight: 7 lbs
-Fuse: 1 amp/250V
-Amperage: 1 amp

5 Stroke BPI Gradient Machine
Price: $297.46

4 Stroke BPI Gradient Machine
Price: $267.71