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Santinelli 43 Point Refurbishment Process
Tracer Inspection

1. Complete disassembly and replacement of all required consumable parts.
2. Full cleaning of all debris.
3. Install most up-to-date software from manufacturer
4. Re-assemble tracer - perform full calibration to manufactures specifications.

Keypad / Control Screen inspection:

1. Inspect panel sheet for cracks and inoperable buttons.
2. Inspect display screen for full viewing capabilities.
3. Inspect for water damage on rear of display screen.

Lens Measuring Unit inspection:

1. Inspect the water seal.
2. Inspect belt / cable tension.
3. Inspect restriction in feeler assembly.
4. Inspect feeler arm for wear / damage.
5. Inspect feeler tips.
6. Inspect for excess debris / water damage.

Spindle Inspection:

1. Listen for signs of worn bearings.
2. Inspect water seal.
3. Inspect water collar.

Wheel Inspection:

1. Inspect roughing wheel for missing or worn diamonds.
2. Inspect finishing wheel.
3. Inspect polishing wheel.
4. Inspect glass-roughing wheel if applicable.

External Cover inspection:

1. Inspect cover for cracks.
2. Inspect back cover for proper fit.
3. Inspect acoustic door for proper seal of grinding chamber.
4. Inspect all water seal.

Internal Edger inspection:

1. Inspect grinding basin for debris / cracks / water damage / misalignment.
2. Inspect full motion of Y-Axis assembly.
3. Inspect all printed circuit boards for debris / water damage.
4. Inspect all wiring / wiring harnesses.
5. Inspect X-Axis assembly.
6. Inspect all belt tensions.
7. Inspect all water lines for build up or restriction.
8. Inspect all water seals.
9. Inspect plastic housings.
10. Inspect head carriage assy.
11. Inspect bearings.
12. Inspect main motor for corrosion.
13. Inspect power supply.
14. Inspect internal fan.
15. Inspect power switch.

“Upon inspection of above noted parts, assemblies, and sub-assemblies, each
part listed deemed necessary would be replaced with genuine replacement parts
manufactured to the specifications of your edger.”