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Doctors' Optical Equipment

Lensometers and Auto Lensometers

Pre-Owned B&L 70 Lensometers Reconditioned-Limited Supply

Pre-Owned B&L 70 Lensometers

Pre-Owned B&L 70 Lensometers Reconditioned Limited Supply - 90 Day Warranty - THE "ROLLS-ROYCE" OF LENSOMETERS - Allow 2 weeks for delivery.


Model Tl-6000c-1 Auto Lensometer With Printer, Uv Capability

1.Bright digital display;
2.Easy to use control functions, conveniently located below the screen;
3.Quick, accurate and easy operation for alignment and measurements;
4.Measure all types of lenses made from all kinds of materials;
5.Able to measure single vision, bifocal and progressive lenses, and hard and soft contact lenses;
6.Pupil Distance measurement;
Chinese or English digital display selectable;
7.Auto power saving mode;
8.Thermal Printer(optional);
9.Optional Ultra Violet transmission check(optional);


TW-1080 Auto Lensmeter