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Koch Auto polisher
Model: Koch

A clear machine hood allows for continual inspection of the lens polishing, reduces noise and aids dust collection.



Digital PD Meter

-The "cornea reflection light coincidence method" is used.

-This operates by displayed digitally. 3 measurements are given: Right + Left, left.

-Results are accurate to within 0.25mm.

-Measurements can be made for a single eye or for both eyes.

-Possible to measure PD of focusing-point distances ranging from 30cm to infinity.

-Automatically switches OFF one minute after operation is completed, thus conserving power.

-Distances from tops of cornea to lenses or frames can also be measured.

-Power supply: 4.5V DC (Lr07 batteries X3)


PD Meter



Model CT-4202 Lensmeter with prism

-The lens meter is divided into 2 models, standard model and strengthened model with prism compensator.

- This product is applicable to measurement testing departments, spectacles manufacturers, retail dealers of spectacles, hospital's department of opthamology and optical element factories for conducting measurement of spherical lens diopter, cylindrical lens diopter, cylindrical lens axis of astigmatism, prism diopter, prism basal angle and cornea contact lens diopeter.



Air Blower

-Rapid heating and strong air output.

-Heat glasses frame fast.

-Temperature adjustment


air blower