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specials on optical equipment



Specials on Optical Equipment

New Equipment Price
HAB Hand Edgers – Reversible wheel rotation, special dual grit for polytrivex CR39 & glass - CE rated Model NH35WV-1 $495.00
Auto Groovers Novamatic Type with additional free AG wheel ½ eye check  - Special stronger top and bottom motors NH800-AT-1
9 Tank Tinters  (No HTF Needed) $895.00
6 Tank Tinters  (No HTF Needed) $795.00
4 Tank Heat Element $495
NH320 Blowers $195.00
9000 sx's, 7070's come out like new, no cuts, factory installed, factory guarantee, factory tech support Inquire
New Hitech Hybrid Tracer in Santinelli Patternless Edger 7070 $14,995.00
"New" Horizon II  Edger  Bodine Motors + New Vac + Quiet June Mini Air Compressor  $8,490.00
Any Doctor’s Equipment   Inquire
Santinelli Auto Groover $585.00
4 Stroke BPI Gradient     $267.71
5 Stroke BPI Gradient     $297.46
B & L Vertometer       $1395.00